Aloe Vera Juice and sea weed extractI love how easy Body Balance fits into my lifestyle. All I do is pour it into a glass and drink. I find it’s highly digestible and tastes great. Every day I get the extra boost I need to support me!

– Lucy Turner – Hugel

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Testimonials For Body Balance With the Added Goodness Of Aloe

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 What Is Body Balance

Life Forces “Body Balance nutrition drink” is an all natural supplement, made from the juice of the Aloe Vera plant and “seanine” made from sea vegetables, harvested from the pristine  waters around the world in a totally sustainable way. It’s fully endorsed by multiple Health Care Practitioners around the world.


The nutrition in our Body Balance drink has an incredible full spectrum of essential nutrients totaling 121 and is fully organic, containing three important essential fatty acids, a full range of minerals (74 in all), amino acids (21 of) and a multitude of vitamins (23 in total). Making it a complete vitamin and mineral solution.


Life Force has mixed nine  Nutrient – Dense seaweeds from the cleanest and purest oceans on Earth added a touch of black cherry and honey for extra taste. Then added in a healthy amount of Aloe Vera Juice providing a complete health and energy drink. The Nutritional value of Seaweed has been proven to contain many vitamins and nutrients are missing from many fruits and vegetables grown on dry land. This short video gives us an insight into Sea Vegies and how healthy they are for us.


So why are the nutrients in this Body Balance Drink so healthy for you?

 Whole Food in Liquid Form full of vitamins and minerals  from seaweed and Aloe Vera

 Abundant with ultra trace minerals as well as phytonutrients

 Brings together  three of the best  kinds of sea vegetables; brown, red and also green

Nutrition is preserved through cold processing

  Increases your energy quickly

 Sustains total well-being

 Optimum health delivered daily


How often do I drink Body Balance?

  • Enjoy about 60mls per day
  •  Take on an empty stomach if desired
  • Body Balance Aloe Vera  Nutritional Vitamin Drink is for your whole- body
  • Drink  Body Balance for improving overall health.

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