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Body Balance on travelToday we woke up and decided to go to the hills. We are in Queensland, inland from Brisbane. Today we took a trip up to Binna Burra mountain range . It was fantastic the rainforest up there is full of arctic Beech Trees. The forest is high on a range that looks down over farmland and rugged bush. There is a river that runs through the bottom. The pathway walks right along the edgwe of a cliff face with out any rails. You can’t help but feel the pull of the valley. At one stage we leaned against a tree and imagined falling to the bottom of the valley. Wow what an experience. as we walked around the edge Lucy found that the mountain had a black type of crystal. Really strange. the trees seemed to be so0 old and wise like they had such a raised consciousness, just walking there seemed to change how we are some how.  Of course we took our Body Balance with us.  Check the pictures out.

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Walking through the Rainforest


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