Sea Vegetables 

Sea VegetablesSea vegetables have long been known to be beneficial to our health and well being. With the deterioration of our soils our land based vegetables are lacking so many of the vital nutrients our bodies require for optimum health.

Following is a Part 1 of list of the most popular sea vegetables and weeds and their nutritional properties.

First sea vegetable of the rank is


These vegetables are sometimes called the gems of the deep sea, green sea vegetables provide an abundance of nutrients and minerals in levels higher than are available within a large number of land-harvested vegetables. Green sea vegetables are a great source of antioxidants, iron, calcium, the ever allusive vitamin B12 and there full of enzymes. They contain up to 70% vegetable protein and deliver the full range of essential-Amino- Acids.

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Green sea vegetables are so nutrient rich they are sought after as a health supplement. The trick is to keep them as a living whole food. They have been used for such things as weight loss, incresed energy levels, for anti aging, improve the digestion tract and process, improve be the strength of hair, nails and many more applications.

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