Seaweed Nutrition, Best Types (pt1)

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Seaweed Nutrition


Seaweed Nutrition  A common type of seaweed is Bladder Wrack. It is a brown seaweed that is found on rocks and in communities. Bladder Wrack can be found floating on the ocean surface or on the beaches and shores after storms

Bladder wrack seaweed nutritional benefits are numerous. One of it functions is to nourish the thyroid gland, assisting in weight loss. It is also great for soothing inflammation.. Bladder Wrack works at the cellular level to soothe and help ease the pain associted with Rheumatism by reducing the inflammation.


Brown Seaweed is packed full of nutrients, minerals and compounds, it flourishes in rich forests protected by fresh clear sea water. Brown Seaweed is full of the most sought after compounds including vitamins such as E, K and C, magnesium, Iodine, zinc, iron, radium, cobalt, protein, sulphur, boron, silicon, phosphorous and many other ultra trace minerals


Dulse has been a staple for many years in countries such as Nthern Europe, Canada and Ireland. Dulse provides a rich supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Many Cultures revered Dulse for hundreds of years.

Dulse contains fluoride, iron and potassium packets that are easy for the body to digest.. It is also packed with B vitamins such as B12 and B6.

As a seaweed Dulse is packed with nutrition and vitamins. Other Vitamins and nutrients contained in this dynamic sea vegetable are Calcium, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Fiber, Vitamin E, protein and Vitamin A

Dulse has frequently been used for thyroid gland dysfunctions. It has been found to help return the thyroid to health in some cases.

Check out This Video on seaweed nutrition and how it has been used throughout the centuries.

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